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Posted by: Em Rohrer 5 months ago

This blog post has been written in collaboration with Grace College’s Writing for Publication Class (Spring Semester 2022). 

Students were assigned topics and their blog posts were then assessed for publication by their professor and 1Eighty Digital’s Digital Marketing Manager. This blog post was written by Hannah Kemper.

Whether your business is new, established, or simply trying to regain footing after the COVID-19 pandemic, your social media presence needs to grow. 

How can you grow your following?

By making sure the content you share on social media is landing in front of your ideal audience.

1. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are like road signs on the interstate designed to lead your followers to the keywords and topics associated with your business.

The most common hashtags to lead potential clients to your business social media page are trending, branded, or content hashtags to lead. 

Trending Hashtags 

These are common hashtags everyone uses, such as the popular #throwbackthursday.

This type of hashtag is an easy way to draw people to your business when you’re still honing your marketing strategy and identifying relevant keywords. 

Branded Hashtags

These hashtags work by using specific keywords that encapsulate your business.

Once you’ve found your marketing strategy, like Coke’s #ShareACoke, you can adopt a hashtag customized for you and your customers to use.

Content Hashtags 

This unique type of hashtag can help you jumpstart your social media presence by catering to niche audiences.

These are widely used, but direct customers to content specific to your type of business, such as #vehiclemaintenance or #podcasttips.

2. Post Consistently

Does this mean you have to post every day? Or always at the same time on Friday afternoons? Definitely not.

Posting regularly simply means posting a few times a week to increase the general awareness of your business.

Your customers and followers will see your content and be reminded of your services if you post 3-4 times a week.

When you post a wide variety of content often, new people can be encouraged to follow your page and engage with your content. 

Consistently sharing content on social media can improve your followers’ and customers’ knowledge of your business while also including them in the narrative and inviting interaction.

3. Listen To Your Followers

Your followers, whether they have been with you from the beginning or are new to you, follow you because they like the content you share.

Pay attention to what your followers like by looking at what they share and comment on.

Social media platforms make it easy to keep track of what content your followers like through analytics. Use this data to share what your followers seem to enjoy.

Listening to and engaging with your followers helps them feel involved and part of what you’re doing.

You’re creating a conversation with them and their feedback is vital to curating and improving your content over time.

4. Don’t Forget To Be Human

Remember, the online world is an edited form of reality. We post things that are “true to life” after four or five takes and a filter or two. It’s become expected and accepted as the norm. But you can still create an online presence that feels authentic.

  • Avoid confusing industry jargon
  • Talk with your followers, not AT them
  • Don’t over-edit social media posts

The world of social media can be the perfect place to promote your product or services.

These four strategies are a great place to start as you grow your social media presence.

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