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Posted by: Em Rohrer 1 year ago

If you haven’t heard of context marketing before, you’re not alone! Simply put, context marketing is an online marketing strategy where your ideal clients are delivered the right marketing message at the best time.

Context Marketing & Content Marketing

Content marketing and context marketing work together. You might even consider them two sides of the same coin.

Content marketing is about using interesting and relevant content to engage with your existing and potential customers. It includes things like blog posts, e-mails, and social media posts.

Context marketing covers the strategy behind content marketing. It’s the how, why, and when content is delivered so it’s in a context where your customers and ideal potential customers are ready to receive it.

The Foundation

The best foundation for including context marketing in your marketing strategy are buyer personas. If you haven’t worked with this concept before, we talk about it more in-depth in this blog post.

Buyer personas give you the opportunity to consider the demographics of your ideal customers and target audiences.

You use this data to inform every marketing campaign to ensure your marketing message is aligned with your target customers.

Get a free buyer persona template that makes it easy to create them from Hubspot.

The Importance Of Context Marketing

At its core, context marketing is making sure your marketing message is seen by the right people at the right time. That means it will get you better results than just tossing out a blog post or ad campaign without giving thought to the context.

For example, if you primarily sell your products to other businesses and know that they have to get budgets approved annually in November for the new year, hitting them with marketing messaging in November and December isn’t going to be effective.

Context marketing takes that data into account and plans your marketing messaging to be delivered to your ideal clients and customers at the best time to better ensure a sale.

It’s a great way to improve your customer retention rates while also attracting new business.

How To Get Started

While context marketing can seem daunting, if you’re sharing regular content to attract more business, you’re likely already doing some of it.

Follow the tips below to hone your marketing messages and start converting more potential customers to new business.

Create Buyer Personas

Now is the time to get started if you haven’t created buyer personas for your business yet. If you’ve created them but haven’t revised them in 12 months or more, give them another look and make sure they are still relevant.

Identify Your Best Content

Take some time to look at your analytics and see which blog posts, social media posts, ads, and other marketing pieces have gotten you the best results in the past year.

This gives you insight into when, where, and with what your clients are interacting.

Get Your Website Up To Speed

In the hustle and bustle of creating content to share you can sometimes neglect your website. Remember, your website is the digital storefront and representation of your business, it’s important!

Give your website a checkup to make sure it’s still performing the way it should.

Make Context Marketing Work For You

Without incorporating context marketing into your content and marketing tactics, you risk having your message land in front of the wrong people at the wrong time.

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