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Posted by: Em Rohrer 1 year ago

This blog post has been written in collaboration with Grace College’s Writing for Publication Class (Spring Semester 2022). 

Students were assigned topics and their blog posts were then assessed for publication by their professor and 1Eighty Digital’s Digital Marketing Manager. This blog post was written by Joseph Sass.

Have you noticed that the number of your social media followers is dropping? Avoid these four common pitfalls to keep more of your followers:

Posting Inconsistently

Most users following a social media account expect to see content that interests them appear on their feed on a regular basis. 

Think of this relationship as a tradeoff: followers support you by helping grow your profile, and you supply them with content they want to see that may encourage them to continue to engage with your business.

However, if your followers notice that your profile has long gaps of inactivity between posts, or your posts are shared sporadically, there’s not much incentive for them to continue following.

Posting Too Much, Too Often

No one likes to see their feed spammed with content from the same profile.

While there are a few exceptions to this rule, most people will get annoyed if they feel they are flooded with your content or advertising. 

A secondary risk of posting content too often is the likelihood of that content’s quality will drop.

Solid, professional weekly posts will almost always be more effective than oversharing subpar content as quickly as possible. 

Sharing Irrelevant Content

Know who your followers are and why they followed you in the first place.

If you aren’t showing them things they want to see, they are much more likely to unfollow you. 

Posting Unprofessional Content

Your business’s online presence should always represent your professional image.

The moment you begin appearing anything less than professional on social media is when followers and potential new customers may start to unfollow your account. 

Unprofessional content can include blog posts or social media updates with grammar and spelling mistakes, low-quality images, or images not cropped appropriately for the social media platform you’re using.  

Conducting yourself professionally online is vital to maintaining your reputation and drawing in new business. 

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