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Posted by: Em Rohrer 6 months ago

A press release is a great way to notify local media outlets of exciting changes and events within your business or organization. Press releases can also be used to announce collaborations, new hires, and more.

However, news outlets are typically flooded with press releases from local businesses, politicians, and local leadership.

It’s important to be able to write a press release that captures the attention of journalists so it will actually get published. This requires careful planning and effective written communication.

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9 Tips For Writing Your Press Release

Use the below tips to help ensure your press release gets seen by local media outlets and published. There’s no guarantee, but structuring your press release effectively following these guidelines can improve your odds of success.

1. Begin With Strong, Clear Headline

The headline is the first thing journalists see, and many won’t bother to read further if it doesn’t grab their interest.

Your headline should be compelling and concise while accurately summarizing the main point of your press release.

2. Use An Engaging Opening Paragraph

Your first paragraph needs to include a quick summary of the most important information, phrased in an informative, interesting way.

Think of it as slightly expanding on your headline as the “hook” when you write a press release.

3. Answer Key Questions

Who, what, when, where, why, and how all need to be covered in the body of your press release.

News outlets need that information immediately to quickly understand what you’re promoting and why it is significant to their readers.

4. Be As Brief As Possible

Keep your press release to one page by avoiding unnecessary details. If the journalist reading your press release wants more information, they can always contact you for a more in-depth article.

5. Use Quotes Whenever Possible

Incorporating quotes from stakeholders, leadership, and other community leaders adds a human touch to your press release while also connecting with local citizens.

6. Include Necessary Data

Whenever relevant, try to include data, statistics, and other compelling facts. This information can add more credibility to your press release and will give news outlets solid data to tell your story.

7. Don’t Forget Contact Information

Make sure to include the contact information of your company or organization’s spokesperson or media contact. They need to be available to answer questions journalists may send them quickly.

8. Consider Your Audience

What type of press releases does the news outlet you’re targeting typically publish? Make sure you’re sending your press release to news media professionals who will be interested in what you’re announcing.

9. Remember To Follow Up

After sending out your press release, don’t be afraid to follow up with journalists to gauge their interest and offer additional information if necessary.

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