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Posted by: Em Rohrer 1 year ago

Ever get frustrated with the results of your social media marketing efforts? It happens to the best of us, even professionals!

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are constantly changing their algorithms, fine-tuning how they show relevant information to their audiences. 

Because of the ever-shifting algorithms, social media marketing needs to be agile, able to shift when what had been working for months suddenly stops getting results.

Don’t want to manage social media marketing on your own? Let us provide social media help, it’s painless, we promise!

If you’re handling your company’s social media marketing on your own, we want to give you some of our tried-and-tested tips to keep your social media accounts relevant.

1. Focus On One Platform

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to social media platforms. That doesn’t mean you need to be present on all of them. 

Especially if you’re just starting out with social media marketing and building your business’s social presence, choose one platform that’s the most relevant for your target audience.

Find Your Best Social Platform

2. Respond To Comments

Starting conversations online with potential customers and current ones is the whole reason businesses are present on social media…so don’t forget the “social” part! 

Responding to comments shows your audience that you value their opinions and are actually paying attention to your social media presence.

3. Mix Up Your Content

It can be easy to fall into a content posting rut where you are only posting about the same things. Try to add some variety to your content by mixing in images, videos, blog post links, review highlights, and customer stories (shared with permission of course).

Different people in your target audience will respond to different types of media and posts, so keep a variety of content rotating on your social media channels.

4. Look At Past Data

This is vital to have the information you need to build your social media strategy. Take a look over the past 6 months and see what posts are getting the most engagement. 

Are there trends in that information you can use? Are there topics that seem to get the most reaction from your audience on social media? Is there a post format or media type that gets great results?

Use that information to constantly update and adjust your social media marketing strategy. If no one seems to like your social media posts, take some time to deep dive into what you’ve been doing and see what you can change.

Don’t Have Time To Wrangle Your Social Media Marketing?

We love working with businesses to help them reach their goals, including clients who need social media help to improve their online presence.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your business’s social media presence, click below to start a conversation with us today!

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