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Posted by: Kevin 6 years ago

At 1Eighty Digital, we understand how much thought goes into the decision to update your website design.  A new website offers many positive returns to a business with a fresh new look and updated information. 

The written content is equally important in tandem with the new design when you want to maximize traffic to your business. Deciding to utilize a Website Content Writer offers many strong points to consider:

  1. Business owners hesitate to brag about their assets.
  2. Good concise content can capture links back to the website.
  3. Producing website content takes valuable time from running a business.
  4. Self-written material is often the most significant time issue in launching a new website.
  5. Professional website content writers can offer a fresh perspective.

1. Bragging vs. Informing

Writing about your record of accomplishments often feels like bragging and can be uncomfortable for most people.  A content writer works from a different point of view and finds ways to deliver your business information in a factual and complimentary manner.

Your accomplishments sound amazing when viewed from a different perspective and can be delivered to your audience with confidence. Web content writers look at facts and write strong sentences that call for action from your customers.

Those same strong words combined with SEO can capture the attention of search engine algorithms and drive traffic to your website.

2. Navigating the Maze

Customers come to your page because they seek information and that information may be buried on page three of your website. Getting those customers or clients from the home page to the appropriate information requires a specific type of code called a link, and it acts as a roadmap for the maze that is your website. 

A website content writer knows best how to construct a sentence allowing your web designer to insert a link to lead your customer to the next most useful page. 

If a sentence is written well, the link will be seamlessly integrated to capture attention without interrupting the information flow. A link acts as a tour guide, and when combined with SEO (search engine optimization) link backs become very powerful tools for getting your website in front of more people.

3. There Are Only 24 Hours in A Day

Creating written content for your website is a time-consuming project. You may have excellent writing skills, but you also have a business to manage.

How many hours can you take out of running your day-to-day business to write and edit your website content?

Time is money and running a business consumes the most hours in your skill set. Choosing to hire a website content writer frees up your time to focus on your business priorities.

Website content writers also have a specific skill set and understand the power of less-is-more when getting your information across to a potential customer or client.

4. The Dreaded Deadline

The #1 reason new websites fail to launch is the lack of completed written content. Relying on family or friends to write your website content often goes sideways when deadlines are looming on the horizon.

It is difficult to have any leverage when you request a favor for free.  Your website designer can’t proceed if there is no written content provided to insert into your beautiful new web pages.

A website content writer is professionally (as opposed to personally) involved in your project and has the financial incentive to meet deadlines and produce copy that meets your approval. Time is money, but sometimes money equals time if you hire the right skill set!

5. Seeing the Forest for the Trees

None of us see, hear, smell, or taste in the same way as another person. Our perceptions of the world around us are uniquely ours. Your blue may be another person’s purple.

Your personal point of view about your business is often clouded by your own knowledge, and it is easy to assume your customers know as much about your business as you do.

Writing your own content may leave many people with gaps in their understanding of what services you provide. Utilizing a website content writer will offer a fresh perspective on what your business has to offer and will often be more capable of describing your services or products by using an outside perspective.

You may be surprised how much you assume people know about your products and services and realize that you were not spotlighting many vital aspects of your business.


A new website is a powerful marketing tool. We understand that choosing a professional to write your website content can be a difficult decision.

1Eighty Digital offers professional website content writing because we have seen firsthand the higher rate of successful results in launching new websites in a timely and professional manner. We would be happy to discuss options for professionally written content and SEO services for your marketing needs.

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