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Posted by: Kevin 6 years ago

Your website is a living breathing entity. Just kidding, but it does need your attention and care. Announcing your new website is always exciting but information changes and time marches on. Having a fresh new look and up to date technology will help your website update draw more traffic and business.

  1. First Impressions are Crucial:
    Gone are the days when word of mouth or fifty years of business guarantees new customers. A simple online search for your café menu or comparing options on products you sell is often the first point of customer contact. Nothing screams “behind the times” like a stale or slow website design.  If your site is out-of-date what does that say about your business?  Be sure to impress them with an eye-catching, easy-to-use website.
  2. Stay Competitive:
    It’s important to make sure your online presence is better than (or at least equal to) the competition. Potential customers are researching multiple companies online to choose where they will do business.  Give them useful information they can quickly search to make decisions easy.
  3. Diverse Presence and Availability:
    Customers are now viewing your website on platforms other than laptops, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly.  Customers also spread information through a variety of social channels, so it’s important to provide easy ways to share your content. Having an experienced web designer assures your technology is current with the times.
  4. Your Evolving Business:
    How many new products or services do you offer as compared to when your website first launched? How much of your information is up to date? Potential customers may be searching for something you offer but if it’s not on your website they often quickly move on to a competitor. Make sure you are providing correct and relevant information.
  5. Your Site, Your Control:
    Believe it or not, you can make updates and implement information on your own website. A content management system can be utilized allowing you to update your information through simple, easy-to-use forms.  Search engines are drawn to new content, and they assign better rankings to sites that keep things fluid and current.

Take the time to search your website to see what others are finding about you. It is very easy to understand your business from your point of view, but is your public-facing side helpful and relevant for attracting and keeping new customers?  Hiring a web design firm to take care of the technology that keeps your information fresh and functional can remove some of the burdens of running your business.

SEO is a moving target and having an expert to help your website show up quickly in a search is very important. Keeping up with platforms for mobile technology is part of that crucial first impression. Review the five points above and if you are not ticking all those boxes it is time to update or commit to a brand new website.

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