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Posted by: Em Rohrer 5 months ago

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Not just in your personal life, but I like to take it into my professional life as well.

Content creation is a huge part of what we do at 1Eighty Digital, and blogging for our clients (and ourselves) is part of what we create each month. But…is blogging still relevant?

Let’s talk about what blogging is, how we use it for our clients, and whether it has a future in the coming year.

What Do We Mean By “Blogging”?

A decade or two ago, blogging meant something very different than it does today. When blogging first became popular, social media hadn’t really gotten its feet under it yet. 

Because of that, blogging was one of the only ways to share your opinions, facts, and other information online unless you were a huge corporation with a website.

People used blogs to talk about anything from a recipe their great-grandmother shared with them to why they hated the latest Star Wars movie.

Over the years blogging has evolved into something different. While there are still blogs out there faithfully reporting recipes and opinions on pop culture, today’s blogs have become a powerful and relevant tool for communication, personal expression, and business promotion.

Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

One of the strengths of blogging lies in its ability to provide in-depth, comprehensive content. We love social media at 1Eighty Digital, but it doesn’t provide the space for longer, engaging content. 

Social media platforms have actually become a fantastic way to promote blogging and website content. When you create engaging, interesting blog content and share it on social media, that’s when you start to see the benefits of content marketing.

Provides Long-Form Content

Like I mentioned above, social media platforms are excellent ways to provide easily digestible snippets of information, blogs allow for a more detailed exploration of topics that are relevant to your business and your audience. 

Blogs delve into complex subjects, share detailed insights, and provide opportunities for you to engage with your audience on a deeper level. This is one of the key things that sets blogging apart as a valuable resource and marketing tool.

Communicates Brand Identity

Having a blog on your website serves as a platform for you to showcase your expertise, establish authority in your niche, and connect with a targeted audience. 

By consistently creating quality content and publishing it on your blog, you cultivate a loyal readership and build trust over time. This type of credibility is essential to convert your website visitors into customers.

Improves SEO

You know I wasn’t going to get out of this blog post without talking about how important blog content is for SEO, right? If you’ve read any of our other content, you probably know how easily I can talk about SEO and how much I love helping our clients improve it!

Yes, blogging is a crucial part of improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! You’re not only writing for actual humans reading your blog, you’re writing for web crawlers like Google.

Well-written and regularly updated blog content can significantly improve your website’s search engine rankings. Search engines like Google are always looking for websites that provide fresh, relevant content, and blogs are one of the best ways to keep your website updated as well as target important keywords.

Makes Sharing Content Easy

This is one of my favorite reasons that blogging is still relevant…it means you’ll always have something new to share! Our clients regularly share their new blog content on social media channels and through e-newsletters.

If you’re regularly publishing blog content, you’ll never have to worry about not having fresh, relevant information to share with your target audience and potential new customers.

Blogging Is In For 2024

While we can’t know what the future brings for the digital landscape, I can confidently say that blogging remains a relevant communication and marketing tool this year. 

As technology and online platforms continue to advance, blogging seems to be adapting along with it, continuing to play a vital role in shaping and sharing information online.

Need help with blogging and content creation? We’re here to help!

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