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Posted by: Em Rohrer 2 months ago

A few months ago, we sat down as a team and spent a few hours brainstorming our own marketing message and identity.

1Eighty Digital has grown substantially since we moved into downtown Warsaw in 2019; we’ve literally doubled in size and are now a team of four!

It’s easy to get buried in day-to-day work and forget just how much has changed over the past four years, so taking time to reflect and plan ahead was essential for us.

While we’re still the 1Eighty Digital you know (and love), this process allowed us to plan for the future and clarify exactly what our services provide for our clients.

We boiled down what we do into three main categories: we help our clients sound, look, and be great online. So, let’s break those down a little further!

Sound Great Online

Sounding great online shines the spotlight on our content creation, email marketing, and social media management services.

Being able to create the exact turn of phrase designed to showcase our clients’ services and products is essential.

Our content creation and social media team are obsessed with words and love the power they bring to online spaces.

Whether it’s writing a press release, drafting an email newsletter, summarizing important information in an engaging social media post, or creating content for an entire website, our team always has the right words ready.

Look Great Online

Looking great online encompasses our web design and online reviews management services. Our web design team creates complete, modern websites and individual web pages that are 100% customized to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

For many of our clients, their website will be a potential customer’s first impression, and it needs to make the right one.

That’s why our websites are designed to help our clients convert website visitors into new business on every page.

One of the most important things we do for our clients is handle their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because if your website isn’t optimized correctly, you’ll never show up in Google search results! 

How can you look great online and attract the business you need if no one can find your website?

Our SEO experts work closely with our content creation and web design teams to ensure every client website and blog post is created to follow the latest SEO best practices.

We help our clients handle on-site and off-site SEO, giving their businesses the best possible chance to show up where their potential customers are searching.

We also help our clients handle their online reviews by providing training and resources to ask their customers for online reviews, respond to negative reviews, and more.

Your reputation is a vital part of your online presence and key to letting potential clients and customers know you can be trusted.

Be Great Online

Being great online really encompasses everything we do for our clients at 1Eighty Digital. All individual services work together to create complete marketing solutions, allowing our clients to showcase their very best online.

Need Help With Your Online Presence?

Being great online doesn’t need to be one more thing you add to your ever-growing to-do list. We partner with our clients every day to help them promote their services, products, and attract more business. 

We also work with local nonprofits to help boost awareness of their work and attract donors and community support.

If you’re ready to sound great online, look great online, and be great online, click below to schedule your free consultation with us!

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